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Make A Donation And You’ll Make An Impact

Make A Donation To the Executive Service Corps

Your donation makes a major impact to the success of New England nonprofits. Join us in the drive to recruit new ESC volunteer consultants and increase the number of clients we serve.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

You know better than most the high quality of services that Executive Service Corps provides to its clients. We and our clients have weathered the recent economic challenges and all of us find that we need to do more for our clients and we need to do it differently.


This website highlights several success stories chosen from among our more than 100 clients. They represent both the diversity of clients that ESC now serves and the breadth of services we offer. These clients have used the advice we have provided and have grown, profited, or changed as a result. Today, we have 25 consultants working pro bono for our nonprofit neighbors. But we need more. Why? As the economy improves, our clients are emerging from the recession realizing that they are not equipped to deal with current challenges. Past revenue streams are threatened and organizations find they must revamp their services to meet today’s needs. For example, a Visiting Nurse Association who historically had no competition now faces formidable competition from a larger for-profit business.

With our current consultant pool we can help 20–25 clients per year. With more consultants, we could provide advice and counsel to more clients. The answer to the dilemma is straightforward: ESC needs to recruit more consultants and increase the number of clients we can serve. And we need the administrative support to manage these engagements. We need your financial support to accomplish these ends.

ESC can provide more services to more clients who can in turn provide more services to their clients. It’s a win-win all the way around. We hope that you will partner with us to realize a major impact for the nonprofit community in northern New England. Make a donation today!

Thank you for your continuing support of Executive Service Corps and the work we do.

Tom Mongeon