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Strategic Planning - Capacity Building Solutions for Success


We provide 2 days of consulting - now a permanent program!


  • Present a compelling story to funders
  • Clarify or renew your mission and goals
  • Deal with changes in the funding environment
  • Address competitive threats
  • Establish priorities for deploying limited resources
  • Position your agency to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Develop consensus of board, staff and stakeholders
  • Respond to changes in demand for services

ESC Provides Solutions by Working with you…

  • Tailor a practical approach to your unique needs
  • Gather relevant data for fact based decisions
  • Facilitate clear, open communication
  • Identify and resolve strategic issues
  • Identify and explore new opportunities
  • Develop mission driven strategies
  • Create action plans considering limited resources
  • Make financial projections to support the plan

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Contact ESC…

Our Lead Consultants average 24 years of senior management experience, 7 years of business consulting plus 5 years as ESC consultants. When thinking strategically you want advisors who have “been there and done that”. Our consultants have been on boards, provided advice to boards, made strategic plans and executed them, and managed businesses through tough times. Please call or email , Executive Director, to discuss how ESC’s Consulting Solutions can benefit your agency.