ESC does nonprofit surveys inlcuding salary, wages, and benefits
Executive Service Corps does nonprofit, non profit, non-profit consulting including wages and benefit surveys

Nonprofit marketing research key to capacity building

     Hyder Family Hospice House opens in 2007

                 ESC did the business plan

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β€œ... I just read through the report and it looks terrific! The β€œnew” board has its work cut out for ourselves, and this certainly will help keep us pointed in the right direction. ...”

ESC was better than we ever imagined.  ESC has helped us plan for our financial health.

"Smart people offering solid and useful recommendations."

"Our consultants understood us..."

" I cannot express what it meant to me personally to have the support of these consultants.  Each week we hear of another agency... being forced to close while calls for help from elderly residents of our communities increase. Developing positive plans of action and realizing results have strengthened our focus and kept us moving ahead."


      Strengthening the nonprofit community home
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Market Research - Online Surveys - Focus Groups

Want to know what your Donors, Members, or Clients think.  Executive Service Corps can use its region wide reach and survey capability to get you the answerers you need for a price you can afford.

Do you need opinions from " thought leaders" State or Region wide?  Our network of consultants can conduct face to face interviews in a timely and cost effective manor.

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