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The consultation has been extremely helpful.  Our consultants are knowledgeable and have brought good, solid ideas and wisdom to our organizationTheir consultation will stick.

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If you have management experience and a flexible schedule we have a volunteer opportunity with unparalleled impact.

You can leverage your knowledge, experience, and skills by helping nonprofits become more effective. Have fun while working on a variety of interesting projects with compatible colleagues.

Much of our work is in the general management areas of strategic planning, improving board effectiveness, mentoring CEO’s, and business planning. Nonprofits need business skills in virtually all of the same areas as for profit businesses. Particularly needed are specialized skills including public relations, human resources, information technology, marketing, and fundraising.

We provide training in management consulting and in the unique aspects of nonprofit management. Many but not all of our volunteers are retired. Most consultants are motivated by the desire to “give back” to the larger community.

Service as an ESC consultant requires a commitment of time and energy. Once they begin consulting they find other satisfying aspects of this work:

  • Satisfaction from seeing a client become more effective
  • Maintaining current skills and learning new skills
  • Getting to know a group of stimulating professionals
  • Learning about the fascinating world of nonprofits
  • Actively improving the delivery of critical social services

Read a Business Week Article "Pro Bono Perfection" featuring one of our colleagues from Massachusetts.

Check out our volunteer opportunities in New Hampshire at the United Way Volunteer Action Center/VolunteerNH! web site.

Check out our volunteer opportunities in Maine at the York County United Way/Volunteer Maine web site.

What are the most important skills an ESC consultant needs?

The most important skills a consultant needs are the ability to listen, relate to the client, analyze data and information, and communicate effectively. Consultants who have developed good judgment and perspective from years of senior experience and those with in-depth skills in functional areas are in need. Experience in nonprofit management, as a nonprofit volunteer or board member is helpful.

How does one join the ESC consulting corps?

The process for joining ESC is simple. The first step is to send us a resume and to fill out an application. The final step is to meet with the ESC Executive Director and a senior consultant.

If you email your resume to our , we will review it promptly, give you an indication of our interest, and send you a application.

How does ESC prepare new consultants for consulting?

ESC requires all consultants to take at least the 3 core training courses: Orientation, Consulting Skills, and Governance. Other training workshops cover Strategic Planning, Revenue Generation, Board Development, Growth Strategies, Myers-Briggs, and Facilitation. These courses are offered in the spring and/or fall and are taught by senior ESC consultants.

We host quarterly consultants meetings where we have case presentations of ongoing work, and get updates on best consulting practices.

New consultants get on-the-job training as they are assigned to projects under the leadership of our Lead Consultants.

What level of commitment is expected of ESC consultants?

The level of commitment depends on the consultant. Some consultants prefer to take on only one project at a time and may contribute less than 50 volunteer hours a year. Others take on several projects a year and do several at one time.

Anyone who is considering volunteering as a consultant should expect a minimum of a two year commitment, be available to meet with clients on the client’s schedule, should be willing to take the training, and to report hours and write reports.

When you accept an ESC consulting project it should become a priority for you -- our clients are paying fees and expect high quality, effective consulting services.