About Us

About Us

Our Mission: Your Success

Executive Service Corps is a 501(c)(3) that works with nonprofit organizations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to improve their effectiveness by providing affordable management consulting. Our experienced executives and professionals volunteer their time and expertise to provide capacity building solutions for your growth.

We Have The Experience

Our Lead Consultants average 24 years of senior management experience, seven years of business consulting plus five years as ESC consultants. They have served on boards, advised boards, made strategic plans and executed them, dealt with difficult employees and managed businesses through tough times.

We Know Nonprofits

Through our consulting experience, nonprofit board experience and our careers we have gained experience with virtually all types of nonprofits and the myriad of issues that they face. As a nonprofit, ESC lives in the same environment and faces the same challenges as our clients.

We Have The Time

Volunteers can spend the time needed to get the outcomes you want. The extra time we are able to devote to research, gathering data and performing analysis leads to better results – and gives us a critical advantage in delivering solutions.

Working In Teams Produces Great Outcomes

Team members can share best practices and the work can be divided, but the difference is more than that. We can match a CEO with a marketing professional to study the feasibility of a new program. Or we could match consultants with healthcare and business planning backgrounds to work on a strategic plan for a healthcare organization. The breadth and depth of out consultants’ experience means that you get the right expertise for your project.

We Are 100% Objective

Our volunteer consultants have a strong desire to “give back” to the community, and no financial interest selling the next project. They have the maturity and experience to give you straight talk and to deal with sensitive situations.

We Become Partners With You In Your Success

With longer project time frames and the availability of follow-up visits, we provide consistency and impart institutional knowledge to new staff and board members.

Our Pricing Is Affordable

With a volunteer model and outside financial support, we are able price our consulting at discounts of 33% to 80% below market rates.

Want To Learn More?

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We provide capacity building solutions to strengthen your board, make a strategic plan for your future, increase your fundraising capacity, market your programs, pay your staff fairly, grow your revenues, and more.


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    Become A Volunteer

    We provide challenging, high impact volunteer opportunities for our network of senior-level executives and professionals to “give back” to the community by working with nonprofit leaders to strengthen their organizations.

    Contact us to learn more about becoming a Volunteer Consultant.

    Nonprofit Sectors Served

    Arts, Culture, Human Services, Community Improvement, Humanities, Education, Health Care/Mental Health, Environmental, and more

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