Business Operations

Business Operations

Secure your Financial Future:

By developing a business plan and financial controls you can help ensure a nonprofit’s financial sustainability. Understanding your income and expenses, cash flow and balance sheet is critical to your survivial.  And, careful business planningtakes the risk out of new initiatives.

ESC’s consultants have extensive experience in business planning and financial reporting and controls.  Our emphasis is on your sustainability.  We can begin with an analysis of your current business model or we can address specific programs or financial reporting requirements.

Business Planning

Business Planning is particularly useful for new organizations, new programs or major shifts in strategy.  Our business plans are designed to guide your growth and minimize the risks of program expansion.  Our sustainability analysis services can help you allocate limited resources to create the greatest impact.

Some of our business plans are simple spread sheet models, with a limited number of variables for your internal use. We also do full business plans, often integrated with a marketing plan, for use with potential funders.  And we do everything in between. Business planning services include:

  • Sustainability analysis
  • Business plans for new programs
  • Critical success factor analysis
  • Testing new business models
  • Worst case scenario analysis
  • Diversification of  revenue streams
  • Merger analysis

Let us help you minimize your financial risk.

Financial Management

Sound financial management practices are essential to your success.  We can help with staff and board training, developing controls and improving reporting – all to make you more financially literate and more effective.  Services include:

  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasting
  • Financial controls
  • Board reporting including dashboards
  • Understanding fund accounting
  • Analysis of financial resources
  • Reserve analysis and policy development
  • Financial procedures
  • Growth management

ESC’s financial consultants  provide the training and development to give you and your board a clear picture of your current situation and the resources required for you future success.

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