Volunteer Your Time and Talent

If you have management or professional experience, we have high-impact, skills-based volunteer opportunities for you. Leverage your knowledge, experience and skills by helping nonprofits achieve the change they want to effect in their community.   Work hand in hand with a team of accomplished consultants on a variety of interesting projects.

Our services include strategic planning, improving board effectiveness, mentoring CEOs, business planning, fundraising, marketing and human resources.  We especially need volunteers with experience in public relations, human resources, marketing and fundraising.

What’s in it for you?

ESC consultants:

  • Help clients become more effective
  • Maintain current skills and learn new skills
  • Work with a group of interesting professionals
  • Actively improve the delivery of critical social services
  • Experience a variety of nonprofit sectors including the arts, the environment, healthcare and more

We provide training in management consulting and in the unique aspects of nonprofit management. Some but not all of our volunteers are retired and many have their own consulting practices.   ESC consultants are motivated by the desire to “give back” to the larger community, learn new skills, stay active professionally, develop their network and remain socially connected.

“In 12 years of working with ESC, I have met many wonderful people in nonprofit organizations across New Hampshire and Maine. Supporting their passions has been most rewarding. The work is stimulating and provides lots of opportunities for social interaction. One of the best things about working for nonprofits is that clients say “Thank You!” – much more than I experienced when working with large for-profit organizations in the past. ESC has been a very satisfying post-retirement avocation.”

John Gregg, ESC Consultant

How do I join ESC?
The process for joining ESC is simple. The first step is to email Tom Mongeon or call Tom at 603-926-0752 and express your interest. Next steps could include submission of your resume, completion of an application, a phone discussion and then a meeting, usually over breakfast or lunch, with Tom and one of ESC’s senior consultants.

To fill out the volunteer application, click here.

ESC Resources
Read the Business Week article “Pro Bono Perfection” July 9, 2007, on the benefits of volunteering after retirement, featuring a Volunteer Consultant from Massachusetts.

Check out our volunteer opportunities in New Hampshire at Volunteer NH.

Check out our volunteer opportunities in Maine at Volunteer Maine.


We provide capacity building solutions to strengthen your board, make a strategic plan for your future, increase your fundraising capacity, market your programs, pay your staff fairly, grow your revenues, and more.


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    Become A Volunteer

    We provide challenging, high impact volunteer opportunities for our network of senior-level executives and professionals to “give back” to the community by working with nonprofit leaders to strengthen their organizations.

    Contact us to learn more about becoming a Volunteer Consultant.

    Nonprofit Sectors Served

    Arts, Culture, Human Services, Community Improvement, Humanities, Education, Health Care/Mental Health, Environmental, and more

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